Welcome to St.Ives Sling Support.

We set up in 2015, originally as a group of 4 enthusiastic babywearers – Sarah, Natalie, Georgie and Emma. We all had very different babywearing journeys and enjoyed carrying our own children so much, that we decided that we wanted to help others learn too and decided there was an increasing need for an official babywearing sling library in St.Ives.

We started out using our own slings to set up a monthly slingmeet where others could come along and try a few out, get some advice while enjoying some yummy coffee and cake too. We have grown considerably since then, and now the library owns it’s own slings that can be tried and hired.

We are all busy mums, but along with our volunteers, have a desire to help other local parents to do so safely and comfortably.

We all believe that babywearing can be beautiful but also incredibly practical; Cornwall is famous for being truly beautiful and has some magnificent beaches and places to explore but this can also make it difficult for getting around with a pushchair. Using a carrier means you can visit places that are off the beaten track – there are no limits.

The group of enthusiastic volunteers which run the slingmeets have all undergone official babywearing training with both the School of Babywearing and Born to Carry. We are fully insured, and we frequently attend CPD refresher training to keep us all up to date with the latest babywearing guidelines.

St Ives Sling Support is run as a not-for-profit community group and everyone is welcome, there is no membership or sign-ups to come along. We love to see expectant parents to come along too!