What carriers/slings do you have available to hire and try?

That is a great questions – we have a vast array of structured carriers and slings for you to try when you come along.

To make it easier for you to choose, we’ll list the main brands that we have:

Structured carriers:

Beco gemini (Cool mesh version available)

Beco Soleil

Beco Toddler

Boba X

Boba Air

Boba 4GS

Connecta baby (Solarweave version available)

Connecta Toddler

Connecta Solarweave babysize

Ergo Original

Ergo Adapt

Ergo Omni 360

Ergo Embrace

Baby Bjorn Mini

Baby Bjorn One

Lenny Lamb Preschooler

Little Frog Prechooler

Little Frog adjustable carrier

Isara Standard

Isara Toddler

Isara The One


Tula Standard (coast version available)

Tula Toddler (coast version available)

Tula Free to Grow (coast version available)

Tula Explore

Sleepy Nico Baby

Sleepy Nico Toddler

Wompat Baby size

Mamaruga Zensling

Mamaruga Zebulo

Izmi Baby (breeze version available)

Izmi Toddler

Integra Size 1 (solarweave version available)

Integra size 2 (solarweave version available)

Integra size 3 (solarweave version available)

and so many more! If you have seen something you’d like to try, get in touch and we’ll see if we have it.


We have lots of wraps in various lengths from brands such as Little Frog, Oscha, Lenny Lamb, Firespiral amongst others.

Stretchy Wraps:

We have stretchy wraps from Hanababy, Boba, Freerider and Calin Bleu in stock.