We want you to enjoy using the carrier when hiring it, but please also take care of it as replacements can be costly to us.

  • Please do not smoke whilst wearing or holding the carrier
  • Spot clean any marks when they occur using a gentle soap and water
  • We’d prefer you not to wash the carrier yourself, but if it is necessary please contact us first. If you DO clean your carrier (after taking advice or referring to the instructions if you have them), please: Use non-biological liquid (such as Ecover, to avoid exacerbating allergies in the next user), NO optical brighteners (they can damage fabric). NO fabric conditioner (they make the fabric fibres and buckles slippy). Many manufacturers recommend closing all buckles and washing carriers inside old pillowcases. Should your carrier get wet line drying is the safest option. Tumble-drying carriers can shorten their lives.
  • We cannot guarantee that there are no animal hairs on our carriers, but we ask that all carriers are kept away from pets to minimise this possibility.
  • Some  marks are expected when carrying children, but please keep the sling away from anything that may stain more permanently (oil, paint, pens, etc.), or anything that might damage it (scissors, Velcro, keys in your bag, fire, etc.).
  • The cost of damage beyond normal wear and tear may be removed from your deposit.