Review of Free Rider stretchy wrap


Catherine’s review of the Free Rider stretchy wrap
Today we were lucky enough to try out the Free Rider wrap in the glorious sunshine! We wore my super chunky 16 week old for a couple hours of garden play with the eldest 2 and this is what we thought ;
Upon first handling the wrap I loved the lightweight soft fabric and feather pattern. As someone who always runs a bit hot I do find we often struggle a bit with heavier weight wraps so I was eager to give this a go. I must admit to being a little skeptical about the support it may offer as my 16 week old lil chunk is super heavy for his age but I can say I am very pleasantly surprised!
For such a lightweight fabric I found it very supportive of his weight and super comfortable to wear. He was asleep within minutes so it got his seal of approval too. It held his weight effortlessly whilst not being hot to wear like some of the heavier weight fabric wraps we have tried and my husband was so taken with it he had a go as well!
I can see this wrap being great for the summer as it dried really quickly when we had to wash it, and folded up nice and small to stash in the changing bag when we went out, and was nice and weightless and airy to wear.


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